Living is easy with eyes closed

Obrázek uživatele Milito999

It seems that people live so quickly that they sometimes dismiss many things which they are surrounded by. Life is easy when your eyes are closed. Life is easy when you don’t have to solve problems and of course life is easy when you live your life as a daydreamer. Daydreamers are people living their days with their imagination, thoughts, dreams, with their fantasy. In fact, the problematic thing is, that they can’t realize reality. And what’s the problem with that?
We can be jealous of daydreamers because of their rich life. They have a rich imagination and that’s what makes them special. They have worries as we have but less worries! Let’s see, reality of life isn’t that great. Duties, prejudices, worries, ups and downs and we have to cope with them every day.
Every day during my journey to school I past many people without saying a word. Those voiceless creatures I often can’t see because I don’t look into their faces. To me they are also faceless. Simply I try to ignore them. I have to admit, that personally I am not fond of people. In general people cause pain, people lie, people trick. This is the fact that all of us accept. When we were small, our mums told us not to speak to foreign people. As a child I was very careful and so am I now.

On the other hand, people can teach you a great many. People can inspire, influent or help when it’s necessary. We need each other and when we feel alone, there’s always a shoulder of somebody, which we can cry on.
Therefore, trust but be careful. Even the best friend can hurt you. It’s good to have friends, but how many real friends do we really have?