The magical times

Obrázek uživatele Milito999

In my life, on my lifelong way I found myself lost in the crowd of faceless people
Praying for better place I asked them about the right direction
but they got me deeper
and I kept staying in my loneliness
I yearned for more, for tear of love
All my hopes didn't desert me and I moved my priorities
Years passed, I got older
Faceless people turned into mute creatures
Thought I was still alone, trying to convince myself of no love existence
till I met you
So you came and turned my world around
Can't explain how gorgeously I felt
Every day it was you painting a smile on my face
Singing songs about life, about love
And one night at Vyšehrad I was standing right beside you
and you asked me to write something for you
a letter or a poem
I looked into your eyes when you first took my hand
on the cold March eve
and I realized you weren't as boys go- the same
Life was suddenly so colourful
Night after night we were standing at the whole beginning
Mistery was all around
and we at the place of history were so happy as never before
It was never late for us
Night was falling, all the people came to journey's end
Our night walks we called ''the magical times''
Tenderness tried to overcome you
Love had so many beautiful meanings
To me you were a prince
This deep feeling can't leave
I am asking those faceless people where you are
They apparently suppose
You vanished somewhere with your car
You aren't near me but I can feel you so close
I'm surrounded by your presence
Unthinkable to give up!
My dearest one, take me somewhere we can be alone
without any people around
Take me to some famous place
to the heaven from the ground
I miss you but you are still so close....forever